1. imaginehanniballecter:

    Imagine Hannibal Lecter channelling his dark urges into a burn book instead of serial killing.




      // have you seen him cook? it’s an entire performance. //

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    Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

    best fashion choices: Abigail, Bedelia, Alana or Freddie

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    Could you be happy there?

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  2. Follower Forever


    Anon requested a follower forever. I’ll go by category and alphabetical. Not all people are strictly Hannibal, but they are all quality. Bolded are closer friends, or blogs I regularly stalk. If I forgot you, I’m sorry :( it might because I am unsure if you’re still active.

  3. Reblog if you are proud of your URL

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    Since I wasn’t at SDCC due to being on another continent (*sobs*) I finally, FINALLY, finished this. Atypically for this blog it’s, uh, not dessert. I mean, you could eat it if you really wanted but it would be awful.

    I wanted to do something with light and shadow.  The deer skull projects through the antlered human skull when you shine light in just the right place… please forgive my lack of adequate light sources and photography skills. 

    Materials: cardboard, glue, acrylic paint and the blood from a thousand papercuts. 

    This is just gorgeous!

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  4. mynameisdevon:


    if you leave your dog in a hot car this summer i will break your window and steal your dog and become the puppy master of all the dogs that i rescue


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  5. Cheekbone love?


    First time doing anything on tumblr ever but bottom Hannibal has become my waking obsession and bless you beautiful babies for making a long overdue shrine to wish we may worship it.

    I’m shocked to see the lack of cheekbone love in this fandom. Shocked I say! Have you…

  6. howishughdancyevenpossible:

    For huuuuughdancy (she knows what she did to deserve this)

    Sleepy Will~♥

    The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (Fredrik Bond, 2013)

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    I’d rather focus on the positive stuff. [X]

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    his face is so full of love

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