make me choose: hannibal rising or silence of the lambs [asked by countessmurasaki]

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    NBC Hannibal + Text Posts, starring Will Graham (ft Hannigram)

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    Hannibal season 2 deleted scene [x]

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  1. haanigram:

    to all the assholes who write/draw will as shorter than he actually is or hannibal taller than he actually is to fuel a gross height difference kink bless you god fucking bless you omg you are doing the lords work walk tall gentle hero

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  2. imaginewillanddogs:

    imagine Will Graham committing a minor felony so he can get himself involved in one of those programs where prison inmates train service dogs

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    Class was boring so I doodled Freddie Lounds instead. Drawn in the Brushes 3 app for iPad

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  4. mean-cannibals:

    *hi-5’s pavlov*

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    Hannibal letting Will sit at his desk in Buffet Froid

    Please sit at my desk and throw your stuff on my couch and touch my books and move my things, do everything no one else is allowed, please, please do that. 

    I love you


    hannigram in a nutshell



    Another small Soviet!Hannibal headcanon

    (part II of ‘Things NBC Hannibal Might’ve Gotten Right By Sheer Accident’, part I being about Hannibal and food hoarding. This is much less depressing.)

    In Harris’ books, Hannibal’s love of all things Italian stemmed from being a descendant…

    I’ve lost myself again and I feel unsafe

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    Autumn has to be my favorite time of year, so I could not resist drawing Hannibal and Will, the kings of adorable times in the fall atmosphere~

    I also included a version of my two original characters Sophia (left) and Aurelio (right) because reasons~

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  6. DON'T GET MADS, GET EATEN: interview with Mads Mikkelsen


    Originally published in STACK magazine, August 2014

    Dr Hannibal Lecter can show us how to relish life’s wonders even as he indulges in appallingly violent taboos, according to actor Mads Mikkelsen.
    He spoke with Zoë Radas from Denmark.


    Stately actor Mads Mikkelsen…

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    Has this been done yet?

    I’m so glad someone made this joke sobs

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